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The Model 2500 Storage Door is durable, offering quick installation and ease of maintenance.

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NOTE: Select Only 1 Colour from Standard, Tier 1, Tier2, Tier 3 or Tier 4. (refer to colour chart below)





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So we can provide you with the best hardware and fasteners to mount to the specific frame.

NOTE Not Advised when used in conjunction of any electric operation.

Commercial Use Only
Easyroller Electric Motor
-the dominator easyroller features a slim profile, reliability, security and convenience.
- the motor side is from the inside looking out. For use by qualified professionals only.

Note: if selected the side draft will be included and 2" more headroom is required Combines energy efficiency with structural strength and durability with the added benefit of keeping thermal loss to an absolute minimum.

2" Polypropylane Side Brush Seal with aluminum retainer mounts on the side of your frame work. Allows complete seal of the roll up door corrugation. Keeping out dust, air flow, pesky inset and rodents.

Select Yes if the drum is to be mounted outside of the building and the door color needs to be on the same side as the drum. This option is only available with slide bolt latches on the drum side, at the bottom of the door. Reverse curtain doors cannot be insulated. IF ENTERED YES SELECT ADD HOOD YES

Recommended for exterior applications. Includes end caps, support bracket and fasteners for assembly. Hoods over 12' wide are manufactured in 2 pieces. 20 guage glossy white hood for your selected opening. Hood requires extra 2" of headroom

The Model 2500 Storage Door is designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance in mind. 

Should I use my rough opening or finished opening when I measure? Measure your rough opening, the door will be custom made bigger to overlap your frame and your guiderails will mount on the face of your frame. That is why your need the headroom and sideroom requirements. The Model 2500 at the selected height will require 15 1/2 inches of headroom above the opening and 4 inches of sideroom to either side for installation.

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