BEST EVER Double Size Shed Unassembled (24 Gauge)

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Maximize Your Space - Transform Your Outdoor with Best Ever Shed

Discover the ultimate solution in outdoor storage with our heavy-duty, customizable, large galvanized steel shed kit. Perfect for any backyard or garden. This is our largest container in the standard series that is offered as a kit.  You can still add extensions to make it even longer if you wish.  Add optional shelving, or a mezzanine to really optimize your space. Ships unassembled.

BEST EVER Double Sized Shed Unassembled (24 Gauge)
* Outside Dimensions (WxLxH) 81" x 172" x 87.5"
* Inside Dimensions (WxLxH) 75.5" x 165" x 78"
* Door Opening (WxH) 50" x 76.5"
*Weight 1,360 lbs *

Shipping Dimensions (WxLxH) 42" x 88" x 88"
* Capacity 8,000 lbs (Not Double Stackable)
* Wall/Roof Construction -  18ga and 24ga G90 galvanized steel
*Floor Construction - 2x4 Framing on 13" centres with 3/4" OSB decking.
Includes 2 pressure treated support runners.
* Double Stackable
* Outdoor Usage
* Move while loaded

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